Here are some of the comments that we received over the last few years. Be sure to add your own testimonial by clicking here. We love to hear what you think! Thanks again!

"I love this place. There's no place I'd rather go to on Halloween! My favorites have to be the mummy, the guy with the red face (I don't know exactly what he is but it's scary) and the guy with the chainsaw. I love it when he chases me! There is nothing better then a good old scare. See you guys next year!"

- James Underwood '08

"The best part about of what you do is that I can bring my 5 and 3 year old, it's just scary enough where they get startled but not afraid. You're a big part of why we all enjoy Halloween!"

- Joe Palombo '08

"I've been going to this amazing event for the past 15 years! It just keeps getting better and better every year. Don't ever stop!"

- Tom '08

"I have had some much fun during all of my visits to the Haunted Dead End. I had chills going down my spine right when I got there. I would have to say that my favorite character from the Haunted Dead End would be the Clown because he always scares the crap out of me!"

- Junior Cabrera '08

"WOW! All I wonder every year is "HOW DO YOU DO ALL OF THIS"! This was so amazing every year you guys bring something new to the table so no body knows what to expect. I LOVE IT! Thanks for such great entertaining. I come every year and will keep coming back! Happy spooking!"

- Michelle '08

"Once again, another awesome job! Every year seems better than the last. Keep frightening people!"

- Jen Shallo '08

"I was soooo scared!!! Keep up the good work!!!"

- Kristen P '08

"The Haunted House u guys put together is amazing as always!"

- Anonymous '08

"This year was absolutely amazing! I can't get over how detailed you guys get! Each year it's get better and better! Thanks for taking time out of your life to make my Halloween so exciting! Can't wait for next year!"

- Jessica '08

"I love it!!!!!! It gets better every year! I love what you did this year going in the Haunted House!"

- Melissa '08

"You guys did an amazing job just like every year! I spent most of my Halloween at the Haunted House, and it was entertaining!"

- Jessica '08

"You Guys Are The Best!!! Keeps Getting Better And Better!"

- Sydney '08

"It keeps getting better and SCARIER each year! I have not missed a year of this and I am so glad you never stopped!"

- Nicolette '08

"Thanks so much for making my Halloween so much fun and scary! I will definitely go every year and I am looking forward to next year!"

- Laura '07

"WOWWWW!!!!! U guys r amazing! Keep up the great work!"

- Jennifer G. '07

"You guys did an amazing job! I could hardly believe My eyes... it was great!!!!!!! My boys loved it! Every Halloween from now on they want to visit the Haunted Dead End!"

- Jean Mancini '07

"I wasn't expecting this amazing scary event!"

- Destiny '07

"Halloween was so much fun! I went with my friends and the mummy kept chasing me and everytime it came up close to me I would back up and bump into someone, I looked back to say sorry but it was either the Witch or the guy from The SAW!!! It was so scary!"

- Laura '07

"I really had tons of fun this year! It was great and I hope you keep doing more exciting things to scare everyone. The whole crew did a really good job on the costumes and makeup! I got really scared by the chainsaw guy and clowns!"

- Luciana '07

"I'm not even there for 5 seconds and I have chills going down my spine!"

- JJ Tenner '07

"This is a special event with our family every Halloween. The costumes and the sets keep getting better each year! The Vortex tunnel was amazing! The photos of the Vortex tunnel construction were great to view. The 2007 photos were exceptional (kudos to Sue Franze)! Great job done by all!"

- Kathy Shallo '07

"Every time I go there it gets better and better every year! I look forward to it all day. But this year scared me the most. I ran 2 blocks away from the haunted house I got so scared! I got really scared of the chainsaw guy. I can't wait till next year, thanks for making it so great!"

- Cris '07

"You guys rock so much!"

- Shane '07

"It's so cool that you guys put this together. WOO!"

- Mike Pellegrino '07

"It is the highlight of HALLOWEEN! The detail is AMAZING... Every year is unique and you keep us coming back for MORE... Thank you!"

- Margaret '07

"You Guys Are Amazing! Keep Up The Fantastic Work!"

- Jennifer Giraldo '07

"Even though every year my goal is to not act scared around you, I always fail because I can't help to get freaked out!!!"

- Laura '07

"Your originality and creativity are always such a chilling delight. Looking forward to many more years of fun!"

- Michele Suhre '05

"The work, effort and creativity that all you guys put together is absolutely amazing!"

- Nicky Sandomenico '06

"How many times do you see a handmade guillotine folks?!
There you go!"

- Joe Rao (Meteorologist, News 12) '06

"We don't know how you do it. But each and every year you guys top yourselves. I remember taking my kids to the Preston Halloween party. Back then that was the talk of the town, now it's Gainsborg Avenue!"

- Margo Markowitz '06

"Oh My God! You guys scared the heck outta me! Please make it less scary!"

- Anonymous '05

"You guys are the BEST, the first time that I went to your Haunted House it was really SCARY, I wouldn't even come out of the car!"

- Michael '06

"It was my first time coming to see you guys. I had a great time! It was very scary! You guys were chasing after my mom, that was fun!"

- Anonymous '05

"Oh my GOD!!! This place gets scarier and scarier each year!!!!"

- Victoria '06

"WOW! Every year it gets better! This year was awesome! I can't wait to see what's in store for next year!"

- Anonymous '05

"Whow!!!!!!!!! What a show!!!"

- Rudy & Virginia Marciano '06

"Wow! You guys are the best! This year was the best! It just keeps getting better and better every year!"

- Cristina '06

"I love your house. I live in Connecticut and we go to West Harrison just to see your house. Don't ever stop because I look forward to it every single year!"

- Marcos Cejas '06

"I've got to say, I think what you guys do for Halloween is great! I can't imagine how much time, effort, & expense comes with your efforts. You guys do a fantastic job!"

- Gary Parietti '06

"I was so scared I started crying!!!!"

- Tiffani '06

"WOW! This year was the best Halloween ever! And it's all thanks to you guys!"

- Little Nicky '06

"Your house is the highlight of Halloween!"

- Anonymous '05

"Keep up the great work - my kids love to visit your "Haunted House" each year"

- Gina '05

"We look forward to it every year!!!"

- Anonymous '05

"Can't wait to this year! Thank you for doing it each and every year."

- Melissa '05

"Wow, I've gone to this for as long as I can remember!! It's so cool how you guys can do this!"

- Teddy O'Rourke '05

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