Press Coverage

The Journal News, October, 2004

Scaring Up The Right Neighborhood

In Harrison, they trudge up Gainsborg Avenue to the Mancini home in the Silver Lake neighborhood. There, Tony Mancini and his four children - Michael, John, Marc and Melissa - festoon their home each year with the latest homemade device designed to put a good-natured scare into those who dare come knocking.

Last year, a big video screen on the front of the house featured a ghoul who spoke. Marc Mancini ran after trick-or-treaters with a chainsaw roaring, and a monster regurgitated what looked like blood in a barrel. One year, a ghoul in a coffin turned out to be alive.

This year, the Mancinis have constructed a 20-foot-tall Frankenstein in front of their house. They've rigged a DVD player inside a plexiglass structure to make it look as if a skull is floating inside.

"These kids are going to be really scared this year," Tony Mancini promised. "It's a lot of work, but it's a kick to see the kids' faces when they come to a true haunted house like ours."

Geraldine Barbagallo, who lives across the street, said she'll watch from her front steps with her sons, Jerry, 10, and Mario, 8. "We'll just sit here and watch the show," she said.