One of the biggest reasons why we decided to put this website together is so that you the fans can see the photos from years past. We have tons of photos, as you'll see below and they are no good sitting in an album where no one else can see them. We would like everyone to enjoy the photos, as you've been apart of our Halloween fun.

Take a close look at the photos because you might find yourself in the photos. We have tons of photos below and we have captured everything. We have photos of our actors, props, sets, and the massive crowds. If you were there, there is a good chance you might see yourself in one or more photos!

Let us know what you think about the photos! We would love to hear from you!

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Halloween 2009

This year we are posting the photos on our Facebook page. You now hae the ability to "tag" the photo for your friends and family to see. You'll also be able to leave a comment on any photo. We see this as a fun and unique way to display the photos. You can also post your own photos and videos to our Facebook page. We hope you take advantage of it!

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Halloween 2008

We had a great time scaring each of you and we hope you enjoyed every bit of it! Our newest attraction, The Haunted House walkthrough was a huge hit! Read more

Halloween 2007

We would like to thank everyone who joined us this Halloween! The screams are still echoing in our ears! We hope you enjoyed yourself as we had a great time scaring each of you! Our newest attraction, The Vortex Tunnel was a huge hit! Read more

Halloween 2006

Wow! What a night! Halloween 2006 was our biggest event to date! Our 13th year gave us our biggest crowds! Read more

Halloween 2005

Halloween 2005 was one of the biggest years to date. Hundreds of people headed to the Mancini's house once again for a frightful Halloween. We wanted to document Halloween 2005 like we never did in the past. Read more

Halloween 2004

2004 was another terrific year! The crowds showed up once again! In October we were featured in two publications. Read more

Halloween 2003

Crowds much larger than 2002! Halloween 2003 was a year that we tested a new idea. We tried using video projection. A new idea where the guests could interact with a live ghoul being broadcasted on a huge screen mounted from the roof of the house. Read more

Halloween 2002

For Halloween 2002 we have very few photos to show. We wish we had more to show. We believe they got lost somewhere. Read more

Halloween 2001

For Halloween 2001 we have very few photos to show. The crowds we progressively getting larger from pervious years. Read more

Halloween 2000

Halloween 2000 was fun! We mostly have photos of before the crowds arrived. Continue

Halloween 1999

Halloween 1999 has one of the best photo galleries of any year. We shot mostly in black and white. Continue

Halloween 1998

This was the first year we used a "live" scarecrow. Photos coming soon.

Halloween 1997

The 20-ft Frankenstein made his debut in 1997. Frankenstein was first constructed out of large cardboard boxes. Then years later he was rebuilt out of wood for better stability. Continue

Halloween 1996

The first uses of cars were included in the set design. Continue

Halloween 1995

In 1995 we focused on making the electric chair look electrified and also the first year of a silhouette in the garage. Continue

Halloween 1994

In 1994 we started to take photos of our Halloween event. Not knowing how large it would become, it now shows where it all began. Continue