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The legend continues at The Haunt at Rocky Ledge!

This website is an archive for the "Haunted Dead End" event, which took place from 1994 - 2009. The "Haunted Dead End" crew is now running The Haunt at Rocky Ledge, which is located in North White Plains, NY. Please visit us at our new attraction at

For over a decade, the Haunted Dead End Crew has brought you memories to last a lifetime as local families near and many from afar traveled to experience what has been known as "one of the most frightening experiences for anyone..." (, known also to be "a hair-raising experience." (The Harrison Report 2004).

The crew at Haunted Dead End is finally fulfilling a dream. For the first time in 15 years, we are putting what has become known as unforgettable and fear-filled experiences on a grand scale at the Rocky Ledge Swimming Association in a 9-night extravaganza titled, "The Haunt At Rocky Ledge" ( We are looking forward to continuing to share our passion for Halloween with all of you in a fun, safe, and frightening environment.

We appreciate all the years of Halloween night success on Gainsborg Avenue. We thank you and look forward to seeing all of you come out to support us in this new endeavor!

Please visit us at our new location... The Haunt at Rocky Ledge - North White Plains, NY -

The HDE Crew