Is your house a walk-through Haunted House attraction?

No, it is not a walk-through haunted house attraction. Last year for the first time, we introduced a mini walk-through, so yes there will be another walk-through for this year. The whole outside of the house is setup with Halloween sets, and props. Actors are dressed as scary characters and they roam the area frightening people. Don't worry, they won't touch you!

How long have you been doing this Halloween event?

Since 1994. This will be our 15th year!

When do you start to plan each year's Halloween event?

We start to plan for Halloween in July/August each year. Research is done during this time as well as group meetings to plan and organize some of the costumes and prop necessities.

Where you store all of the props?

The props are carefully taken apart and packed away in the large basement of the house.

Where do you get all of the Halloween props?

90% of our props are homemade and created by our skilled crewmembers.

How many pieces of candy do we give out on Halloween?

We give out roughly 2,000 pieces of candy each Halloween. Each year that number rises. There was one year we almost ran out! We had the candy crew working double time to keep up with the crowds.

How long is the display up for?

Our Halloween display is only up live for Halloween night starting as soon as it becomes dark and lasting late into the night.

Who is involved in your Halloween event?

It takes a crew of 20+ people to pull it all off. You can see photos and the biographies of everyone involved on the "Crew" page.

Have you guys worked at other Halloween attractions?

Yes, 4 of us organized the "Haunted House" at the Preston Halloween Fair in the early 90's. We were involved running that Haunted House for several years.

Has your Halloween event ever been covered by the media?

Yes, News 12, The Journal News, and The Harrison Report have all covered the event. Click here to go to our press section.

How many people show up to your house Halloween night?

Tons! Each year the crowd increases. There are close to 1500+! This is just an estimate as there are probably more than we could count. Hundreds of visitors in fear never come to the door for candy!

Can I be a member of the Crew or help in any way?

Every year we seem to be needing more and more people. So yes, if you are interested and over 18 let us know!