With a crew of more than 15 people, Haunted Dead End provides children and adults with delightfully alarming haunted experiences. Each crewmember offers an ability or talent in a particular area of the planning and participates in the production of the event. It takes months to research and organize ideas, weeks to build and create the props and costuming, and days to stage the area. We are the ones that are responsible for making you run screaming at Haunted Dead End.


Throughout the year, Jon is always on the prowl for new Halloween ideas. When Jon was younger, he played a small acting role at the Preston Elementary School's Haunted House. As a kid Jon was more excited to get a new Halloween prop over a new toy! Jon has played many creepy characters over the years.


Mike works behind creating the scenes to make sure everything is operating smoothly. Mike is involved in every aspect of the Halloween event. Mike starts planning in July/August, creating new scenes, as well as making improvements to existing ones. Of his many duties is focused on lighting the event, the fog making, and of course, the bone chilling sound effects.


Mat got his start in horror back when he was one of the organizers for the "Haunted House" at Preston Elementary School 16 years ago. If you were crying cause you were so petrified on Halloween, most likely Mat gets the credit for your nightmares! With over 16 years of scaring people, Mat continuously looks forward to his ability to create a realm of terror, always with you in mind.


Marc was one of the original organizers for the scary "Haunted House" at Preston Elementary School's Annual Halloween Fair back in the early 90's. Each passing year Marc continually amazes all of us with an original idea for a costume to scare the dickens out of you. His costumes are top secret even to the crew! Marc also builds custom props such as the "Coal Miners Descent".


Jason is another one of the actors that loves to scare people. He has been scaring the crowds since the beginning. He is a big help in gathering props and setting up the creepy scenery. Along with setting up Jason also plays major Halloween characters every year.


Melissa has two jobs on Halloween night. Throughout the years she has dressed up in various ghoulish costumes', scaring all that comes near, and secondly she makes sure the video camera is rolling. She has filmed the event each and every year from all angles making sure to capture the terror inflicted on those who dare to enter the Haunted House.


Frank, along with Marc, Rich, and Mat was one of the organizers for the "Haunted House" at Preston Elementary School. Frank will scare you with his unique costume choices, many which have had the crowds wailing in total fright. Frank also builds the props that are on display.


Amanda, one of our newest members, began scaring the young and old back in 2007... She also assists in building the props that are on display. A graduate of Preston Elementary School, she remembers the old "Haunted House" and enjoys trying to recreate it.


Rich began terrifying people as one of the organizers for the "Haunted House" at Preston Elementary School's Annual Halloween Fair back in the early 90's. Rich is involved in many aspects of the Halloween event. Each year Rich carefully plans out his frightening costume. My goal is send you home with a visual reminder of what happens here at Haunted Dead End.


Lauren joined the cast and crew in 2002. She creates the most visually realistic character she can come up with that keeps you running in your nightmares for a lifetime. She also contributes her artistic abilities to some props.


Mikey is one of the actors that have been with us for 7 years. Through the years he's played an assortment of characters, with many demanding roles over the years. If you'll recall this stunt, he was the one stuffed inside of a refrigerator, sat under a table (for hours) for the great "dinner plate" scare of '04, and numerous terrifying characters.


After years of begging, we finally added Joey to the crew! Joey has played roles such as the beheaded victim and last year's manic doctor. Joey has been instrumental in auditioning several supporting cast members. He is an asset to the crew.


Tony will calm your nerves and try to open a path for you as you approach the house that's overrun with the monsters that will chase you in your nightmares. He will do all with a big smile. However, try as he might he will try his best to clear a path through the "Path of Scares". He is also involved in both building the props and setting the displays up.


Liz is responsible for one of the biggest treats of the night! You got it! It's the candy! And believe us, it takes hundreds of bags of candy to satisfy the enormous crowds each year. Every child of all ages tries to make it to the front door for the bag of treats. Unfortunately, some kids and adults are too terrified to walk the "Path of Scares". In these common occurrences, Tony must meet the absolutely terrified kids (and some adults) on the sidewalk to hand them their bag of treats. Liz and her candy team have the process down to a science.


Born and raised in Silver Lake. Her job is to capture the fright, the fun, and the people that make it all happen! Since Halloween has always been her favorite holiday and photography one of her favorite hobbies, she is able to combine the two and create lasting frightful images that will keep you coming back for more!

Jakob (Ikabob) Silver

Jakob (Ikabob) Silver had been a resident of Harrison in 1863. His parents died when he was 14. Living in an orphanage for three years, he finally escaped on Halloween night. Residents are confronted with his ghost every Halloween when trick-or-treaters disturb his peace.

Click the link below to see a photo of where Jakob is buried in the "Paper Trail". Look closely at his inscribed burial marker for "1887", the year he drowned in the lake.
Click here to see the photo!